Circa Waves have released the video for what was the long awaited single from their second album.

The Liverpool based indie-rock outfit were a band, who on their first album sung about summer days on the beach etc etc, so how surprised everyone was when they released, ‘Wake Up’.

‘Wake Up’, is something of a darker song, with a heavier edge, which eclipses and moves away from anything they have done to date.

After the overwhelming success of their debut album, it’s safe to say that fans of the band, and music fans alike were pining for whatever new material they could get from Circa Waves.

Better yet, the band decided to treat fans to an incredibly intimate show, just like the days of old before the band were forced to get signed, the bloody talented lot.

Watch the video for, ‘Wake Up’, below:

The video features a somewhat more cinematic edge to what has been the case for the band’s past attempts.

Circa Waves’ second album, entitled, Different Creatures, has been described by the band, as “one of the best rock records”, whilst also saying that the album is “the future of rock music”.

In an interview with NME, singer Kieran Shuddall said, ““All of us wanted to make a massive change and bring in these different songs. We played indie songs before and I wanted to progress.”

He continued: “The first album felt like a daytime record and this one’s based in the nighttime, if that makes sense. This one’s a lot more about the demons that I face – a lot of love, loss and anxiety. It’s also about the issues that everyone feels like they’re going through together at the moment.”

Different Creatures will be released March 10th.