Vinyl Junkie really hit the nail on the head with this bill, it must be said. The beauty of having a mixed bill is this: it gets people on from different “scenes”. It introduces music fans to new bands, and most importantly, everything is kept fresh throughout.

Not only that, but Vinyl Junkie managed to draft in one of the buzziest bands in the city, The Jjohns. The Jjohns are as entertaining as they are unnerving to watch. Remember those videos of the young Gallaghers scrapping onstage? The Dunnings are one drunken onstage barney away from being iconic.

Songwriting duos always have exactly that though. The healthy competition balanced with innate talent. The thing is with The Jjohns, is that they aren’t going to change the face of the planet, but they are the kind of band who will give you a solid 10/10 performance every time. From the back-to-basics approach to songwriting, through to the onstage chemistry, The Jjohns have found something special and it looks as though we’ve been fortunate enough for them to share it with us.

Next up were Generation. They were shite. Absolutely woeful. The thing is with this resurgence in punk, is that a lot of it is disingenuous. A lot of bands are marketed as punk when in reality they’re singing about birds in expensive clothes. Apparently Pete Burns’ ex-manager has taken these boys on. The shame about that is, Pete Burns was a brilliant songwriter, he knew his music, and whilst he wrote love songs, he was a punk at heart. Generation look as though SLAVES met up with the owner of Pop Boutique and got sorted a sponsorship. Derivative, boring, and a waste of time.

Thank fuck that, after that, we got a proper band on. Something both interesting, and wholly unique. The band was COLOUR, and for avid readers of this site, for which there are very few, I’m sure, COLOUR are a proper live band. Now, there were some pre-show jitters. The recorded content is there in strength of quality, but they haven’t done as many shows to earn them live credibility. Well, they’re getting it soon enough.

COLOUR are one of the most well-crafted live bands in the city at the moment. The band put on a proper show, and the quality as a live force matches the quality of their recorded performances. Right down to the odd, jagged guitar sounds that the band are now becoming known for. You really can’t complain when it comes to COLOUR.

Closing the night were the out-of-towners, Trampolene. Who, because of their singer’s poetic exploits are starting to get a bit of buzz. But in all fairness, if you dig a little deeper with this band, you get more than just a famed poet. You get a fucking great frontman, a fucking ferocious live show, and some haphazard attempts at crowd surfing.

The room was half full, and it appears that if anything, this was a blessing for Jack Jones, as he stumbled around the room with his mic in hand, reciting his poetry, and worming his way into the Scouse contingent’s hearts. Trampolene really are something special when all is told, and it would be a crying shame if they were not elevated to the next level swiftly.

Words: Sam Meaghan

Photo: Camlo Edge