There are few bands other than SuperGlu, who have come out the tail end of 2016 with so much to shout about. 

A quick summation of SuperGlu’s year, would be that it has been a complete success.

Aside from the obvious headlining of Reading and Leeds’ BBC Introducing Stage, there is the fact that their EP has been played just about everywhere, and plugged by just about everyone. Then they have also just been announced SXSW – somewhere that one might just see bright things happen for the band. Then there is the announcement of their already eagerly anticipated second EP.

So how fortunate were we, that we managed to get some time with the band’s drummer, Benjamin Ward. And by the looks of the answers below, the band are as fun loving people as their music suggests.

Who is it that I find myself speaking to over the infinite waves of the interweb? 

Benjamin Ward – I play drums.

And how are you? 


So firstly, what a year 2016 has been for you, SXSW and many more announcements coming out of the wazoo. How does that feel? 

Real good. It’s nice to know that someone enjoys your music enough for them to want to you to play at an event as awesome as that. We have only been a band for two years so we are just enjoying whatever happens. Hopefully we will fuck it all up.

If you had to relay one memory from this year to your grandkids right now, which one would it be? 

Headlining a stage at Reading and Leeds. Eating a sausage roll from a service station on the M11.

So the first EP was actually a bit of a triumph when all is said and done, were you guys gushing with all of the reviews?

We were quite taken aback. It was brilliant that some of the bigger publications have given it some good praise. The E.P took quite a long time to make so we were almost relieved when it finally came out. It was brilliant when we played shows after the release and everyone in the audience knew the words to all the songs. It’s a cool body of music, recording it was possibly the funnest thing I have ever done. It sounds happy.

How exciting is it to have the second one in the works already? 

I’m excited to hear how a few of the songs actually sound as we have never played them live. Hopefully they suck.

What can we expect for 2017? More, or less, Turnip juice? 

Way way way more.

As you look ahead to next year, what would be a goal of yours (SXSW aside)? 

Eat 5 fruit and veg a day. Get up earlier. Read more. See my kids more often.

And lastly, pick your favourite new band of 2016: 

Dingus Khan

Check out SuperGlu’s latest single, ‘Dreams’, below: