Neil Young is surprisingly still alive and kicking, even then, the same could be said about his recording career, or his ability to keep releasing stuff. 

What’s this album now? Like the 50th this year? Probably. And whilst Young is not one to follow the trend of getting extortionate PR agencies in, you would be right to think that maybe this time he should have.

Given the fact that this year has saw almost every musical icon sadly pass away, Young’s release of this album, Peace Trail, has been somewhat missed by almost everyone.

There was that one video, it was quite cryptic, of course it was, but the message was kind of there. American police = bad. Everyone = bad. Other than him, who funnily enough, equals good.

Jokes aside, this is another of Young’s finer moments. Whilst the year has been busy with all sorts of sordid and sad business, if there was ever a time that we really needed a Neil Young special, now is that time.

Ironically, given the chosen path of the UK’s political affairs, you know when the people in charge rather stupidly decided to go bomb Syria without the say of any of the citizens, the album being called Peace Trail is quite fitting for Young’s UK contingent.

As some of the reviews have rolled in, it’s fair to say that Young just sounds fed up, as Ryan Bay writes for Consequence of Sound: “the largely acoustic 10-track affair is blunt and to the point, even by Young’s opinionated standards, operating not only as a defence of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the protesters championing its cause, but also as a hot-blooded critique of the corporate interests at the heart of the controversy.”

You can stream Peace Trail, on Spotify, below: