With Britain in a chaotic state at the moment the West-Midlands based band The Silver Lines dish out their view on the situation with a hard-hitting and punk inspired tune.

The song begins with a soft and bluesy guitar riff before jumping into a rolling and catchy melody. The tracks post-punk inspirations are made evident with riffs alike that of the Rolling Stones and the snarling vocals we hear throughout also add to this theme. The rhythm section keeps the song tight and a beating, pulsating bass line can be heard often. The song builds from this bass line with the rhythm guitarist keeping a constant stream of chords flowing and bringing that classic rock feel to the track. We can hear the odd strum of another electric guitar here and there which, for me, solidifies the punk feeling and creates a catchy and head-banging aspect to the single. The vocals are delivered with an adenoidal and pleasant guttural voice alike that of the infamous Liam Gallagher. The song continues in this Gallagher esc swagger with an energetic finish as all instruments come to the fore and we hear the lyrics ‘It’s just a game, on one bad show’ which to me appear to be a blunt metaphor on our country’s state.

With a chorus created to be sung on late summer nights it can’t be long until we hear The Silver Lines playing festivals up and down the nation, and hey, maybe that will sort us all out?

Written by: Tom Taylor