Stanleys are back with an incredible single to prove why they’re the talk of the town. ‘The Martyr’ is the indie/pop hit we’ve been waiting for from the Wigan four-piece. Stanleys have really stepped up their songwriting with this song and it will be the forefront of the bands step into the limelight.

Stanleys have been working hard behind the scene building their fan base since their formation in 2017 and are now ready to be respected with the top bands around the North West. The strong brit-pop and 60’s influences are evident in ‘The Martyr’ and vocalist Tom Concannon distinct voice blends perfectly into the music.

‘The Marytr’ shows signs of some impressive songwriting and composition that will lay the basis for this young band to build on and they will be putting out indie anthems very soon. Stanleys are following up the release of this single with a headline show at Night People and have much more in the pipeline so be sure to follow them before their name is plastered all over the town.

Written by: Stuart Daley