Reclaim Vienna have arrived with their debut single ‘Paris’! The indie/electronic 6 piece from Cheshire have recently burst onto the scene playing gigs up and down the country to promote their debut single.

‘Paris’ has a very unique sound, the sound of a classic indie anthem but with added synth. Listening to the song you can hear the strong influences from bands such as Blossoms, Foals and New Order. Reclaim Vienna have added to the growing list of indie/electronic bands, keeping the genre fresh by adding their own twist on the unique style.

‘Paris’ has meaningful lyrics with a huge, catchy chorus; the heavy synth sounds add to the depth of the song, giving it a bigger feel – something I would imagine to hear in a stadium before a football match. With this being a debut release from Reclaim Vienna, I am very excited to see what else the band has to offer. I can see this band growing over the next 12 months, building a fan base, releasing more music and playing more gigs!

Written by: James Thomas