Mancunian emerging talent Pacific have recently dropped their newest release ‘Bottle This Love’.

The band is made up of brothers Anthony Orzel on vocals and piano, Daniel Orzel on synths and bass, Dave Bithell on guitars, and Drew Burns on drums. They’re already on to a flying start, having earned radio play on BBC Radio 1, a live gig on BBC Introducing, written acclaim in Metro and two sell-out shows in Northwich and Manchester. This festival season has also proved fruitful after performing at Dot To Dot and Y Not Festival. By creating their own piano-driven, alternative niche they are rebranding the face of modern Indie.

From the opening lyrics “You are the only one/ Without you I’d be undone”, you would be forgiven for assuming this is merely another indie rock track about love. However, one of the refreshing aspects is the use of piano being brought back into the rock genre. Furthermore, as we near the end of the track the guitar riffs grow to add an edgier contrast to the piano and mirror the dramatic progression of the track. It centres around an intense relationship, which is undoubtedly one which is all or nothing. The softer instrumentals where the piano adds a break before the most dramatic ending of ‘In the open now/ this is our window’, hints of the idea that it is a big wide world, but together they’ll take on any opportunities- a lovely idea which we all aspire to, and a little different to merely sex, drugs and rock & roll.

Their songs are anthemic as shown in ‘Bottle This Love’ and the best atmosphere to capture their sound is in the arenas. The passion for concerts isn’t too different from the feelings displayed in competitive sport. Not only have the band performed as pre-game entertainment, they’ve also received a large amount of support from various Manchester football clubs- from being featured in Manchester United’s MUTV channel to Salford City FC’s using Pacific’s Hit track ‘Blinded’ in their socials.Their dedicated fan base is certainly growing and for good reason.

Fans of rising bands such as Kashmere and Glass Caves are likely to be fans of Pacific. Furthermore, anyone who feels stuck in a music rut, or bored of the overdone tracks being churned out right now should give them a try. 

The next chance to witness the band live for yourself is at their headline show at Manchester’s Night People on Saturday 7th September 2019. It’s sure to be an unmissable event, and the intimate venue is sure to be the perfect setting for Pacific to shine. Given their history, it is worth noting that it is sure to sell out so don’t miss out and grab your tickets now.

‘Bottle This Love’ is available to listen to on all major streaming services. 

Written by: Camilla Whitfield