Stockport’s own Matter of Mind, made up of Jordan Lambert, Rob Bramwell, Ash Meadowcroft and Connor McQue, return after their 2017 EP Dead Apologies with new track; ‘Sanity’. 

If you’re an 18-year-old wanting to break through the pop punk scene and unfortunately missed the era of the greats due to being born in the year 2000, Matter of Mind seem to be a suitable way to ease your way in. A “My First Pop Punk band”, if you will. But this is in no way a dig at this young talented bunch from Stockport, as we are somewhat ‘losing our minds’ over their most recently released track, ‘Sanity’.

The track itself shows good signs of an overall great and quality recording, nicely paired with evident instrumental talent. Matter of Mind’s lead singer provides an apt adolescent tone-full of angst with just a hint of teenage sweetness which would render most pop punk lovers weak at the knees. Although some may find this cliché, it fits like a glove; especially with influences such as Blink-182 and The 1975. Their lyrical work only adds to this, providing an annoyingly catchy chorus which you will know off by heart only after a few listens. ‘Sanity’ provides a nice up beat change from Matter of Mind’s previous tracks such as those found in Dead Apologies, clearly showing their impressive progression. It definitely creates a buzz of excitement about potential tracks to come.

Written by: Charlotte Niblett