Leeds based power-pop trio The Harriets have released arguably the most infectious single of the year so far. With a unique blend of indie and pop The Harriets have created an incredibly catchy sound which is a mixture of jangly guitars and distinctive vocal harmonies. Their latest single ‘Harriet Who?’ contains 2 songs which encapsulate every aspect you’d expect a pop song to feature.

The single is introduced by a part-cliché, part scene-setting track of a radio transmission playing over a gentle riff which builds up with white noise and blends seamlessly into the first song and title track ‘Harriet Who?’. The upbeat guitar gives way to a simple bass riff as their distinctive vocals kick in. The Harriets’ falsetto vocals stand out on this track and is the main attraction to their catchy sound. The song seems to come to an end before kicking back into a more country vibe with whistling replacing the lyrics and a soothing end to a extremely catchy song.

‘Television’ is the unsung hero. Upon first listen it just passed me by as another good pop song, it was only days later that I realised I was still singing it all day and night. ‘Television’ is a bit more of a stereotypical indie/pop song and perhaps this is why it didn’t stand out to me at first, however it contains subtle details that makes it stand out in a competitive music scene.

The three tracks on this single release work well together to create a distinctive body of music that really showcases The Harriets and revitalises a retro sound.

Written by: Stuart Daley