Rock-pop band Dantevilles are relighting the fire behind the overdone theme of hopeless love in their latest track ‘Fool For You’.

They released their first self-titled EP and have been making waves in the music industry since then. Their second last offering ‘Bloomin’ Flowers’ was received well and they have followed up the new chapter with ‘Fool For You’. They also included a famed-indie producer to their team for this track too, in the form of Joe Cross, bassist for Courteeners. A sure marker that you’re prepared for a hit. Dantevilles consist of Connor McNicholas, Paul Tanton, Jamie Gallagher and Alexis Pandis.

With a thumping intro beat carrying the song, you are automatically drawn into the toe-tapping, driven nature of the track. They may be retiring the tendency to create the well-loved rough-around-the-edges element of recent, in favour of a clean and catchy beat. Everything combines well making it a pleasure to listen to. Whether it becomes a part of your shower or driving playlist, it’s sure to find a home in your music library. With a clean catchy sound and perfectly proportioned vocals to percussion, the Manchester quartet has really outdone themselves. Other publications have also picked up that they’re on the right track. NME has said that is is  “All executed with spitting-cobra precision” and Fred Perry Subculture has noted that is is “Impeccable with its falsetto pitched choruses”.

As we’ve long come to expect from Dantevilles, lyrically the song is a work of art. Every line is carefully constructed to weave a story from the beginning to the end. With the biting lyrics ‘Play, your best move/ love might be a fickle game’, contrasting with the almost bubblegum-rock melody, it’s crafted to perfection.  The repetition of ‘How could something so good/ be misunderstood to you’ is also effective, as the frustration from the vocals shines through well, as we can all relate to the scenario the speaker is going through. They may be re-visiting the age-old idea of unrequited love, however, not without putting their own spin on it.

The Manchester quartet has stated that the song regards the catastrophe of “A relationship that was very one-sided, but unknowingly one-sided. You can’t chase something that has inevitably ended no matter how strong you thought it was, if you do, you’re simply being a fool for them.”

If you’ve heard other rising indie bands such as Satyr Play and Kashmere, and have loved what they’re doing then you’re sure to love Dantevilles too. Clash has said that “The Manchester band have near insatiable energy, a knack for melody that comes allied to an engaging, unhinged live show.” But don’t just take their word for it, make sure to catch them live at DDP Summer Sessions,  Foxyfest 2019, and at their headline show at The Ferret, Preston on 10th August. Give them a chance, you might just have found the newest band worthy of being the soundtrack to your summer.

Written by: Camilla Whitfield

Photo: Trust A Fox