Manchester outfit Dantevilles are back with their new single, ‘Confession’. The release comes off the back of a successful 2019 so far, which has included a UK Tour, a sold out hometown show and national airplay through Radio 1’s Huw Stevens. 

The opening verse of ‘Confession’ is scattered with melody, as the vocalist(s) temporarily latch onto the mimicry of the bassline notes, before releasing into their own individual pockets of arrangement. The Indie-Pop-Rock outfit showcase their profound ability to create catchy musical earworms well before the tracks chorus, which upon arrival drops into a half-time pound just before the pacey verse is in danger of tripping over itself. “I’m starting to say the truth hurts” proclaims McNicholas, as each repetition shines a brighter light of realization onto the statement amidst the riffed up confusion. 

Whilst producer Mark Winterburn (Edge Recording) has done a highly professional job of making the track sound immaculate, he has still captured the theatrical atmospherics that the four-piece had intended to portray within the new EP ‘Welcome to the Theatre’ (Out August 30th).

As a dance influenced outro fades away, the positive impression remains, confirming that ‘Confession’ is a testament to the many highlights of alternative music of past and present, and as the EP’s lead single, is expected to cement itself as a setlist favourite during their increasingly rammed live shows.       

Written by: Matt Dagger