Following on from the release of their latest single, ‘How Much Time’, Seprona have seemed to have gone stagnant. Yet behind the scenes, a plan for an EP is coming together, two fairly reputable gigs have been announced, and they are even hovering over the festival circuit. 

We caught up with singer, Daniel Badger, to get the latest scoop on what fresh sounds they have in the works…

Alright lads, who is it that I find myself talking to?

Hello, My name is Daniel Badger from Seprona.

And how are you?

Im very well thank you very much!

So, you have been a bit quiet since the release of, ‘How Much Time’, what are you planning?

We managed to get a lot of success with that song, it really felt as if we were starting to build and establish ourselves, so we felt it was important to not rush into anything too quickly. We have taken a bit of time to finish of a few of the songs we have been working on, which we will be taking into the studio over the next month, so we should be looking to have our next release around March time I would think.

There have been two dates announced for 2017 so far, looking at them, it’s a bit of a step up. How does that feel?

It feels nice to take that step definitely, thats another thing we were conscious of, as much as we love playing to people, we didn’t want to play shows just for the sake of playing shows, we wanted them to be bigger events, or to get in front of new crowds, and play to people who have possibly not heard of us before. Its amazing that we are being asked to play such highly regarded events obviously, and hopefully this is just the start of it.

The Ditto Live show is jam packed with local Liverpool talent, do you think Liverpool’s music scene really is coming back?

I think so, there are a few people on that line up that I’m looking forward to seeing who I haven’t seen before. I would say its always been there, but there haven’t been maybe the events to showcase them as much. So obviously things like Ditto Live really help put a spotlight on local bands.

Any bands locally that you would like to give a quick nod to?

She Drew The Gun, Yarbo, Katie Mac, Zuzu, Cavalry, theres probably loads more but thats just off the top of my head, and I’ve just seen a list that was played on the local BBC introducing show recently and all of these people were on it who I like, so that may have influenced me slightly haha

Further afield, any bands you want to let us know about?

I went to watch Meilyr Jones recently who was really good, he was supported by Man & The Echo who have some really good songs too, I think they’re from Warrington, so maybe they’re half local.

As you’ve been up and down the country, any venues you want to give special mention of, weird, and wonderful, beautiful, or ugly?

I really liked Nambucca in London, thats a really good venue, Night & Day in Manchester had a really good feel to it as well. I wouldn’t put down any venues, because its good that people are trying to get music going. I wouldn’t slag off any venues because its nice that people are having a go and supporting live music but we have played in some stinkers as well.

With that past tour under your belt, any moments that you’d like to share? Apart from of sitting in a van endlessly?

Haha, thats the best part! This happened twice in the space of 3 days on the way back from Hertford and London. But we were driving back from the London one, and Tom had fallen asleep the second we got in the car. I got to the toll road around Birmingham then realised my window didn’t work. So I had to try and open my door and stick my arm around to put my card in to the machine. I ended up having one leg out and my head wedged in the gap somehow, to make matters worse I forgot to put the handbrake on so nearly went flying through the barrier! Eventually one of the people working there realised I was in a spot of bother so came over and took my card into his office so I could get through. But that was a bit of an ordeal.

It’s been a while since you last toured, you excited to get back on the road?

Yes of course. Theres nothing better for me than getting to play to people around the country. Just getting to meet new people, new places, new venues. It makes it all that bit more exciting I think. Its nice to see peoples reactions to hearing you for the first time. Luckily its gone really well pretty much everywhere we have visited. I remember playing in Manchester, we got to the last song and before we started there was a fella walking through the crowd with a tray telling us to hang on, so obviously we were a bit like whats going on here, and he bought all of us a tequila over because he really liked us. I have to be honest and say I felt the pressure of having to drink the shot in front of everyone, but I managed to keep it down so hopefully thought that I could handle it.

Lastly, what can we expect from you this year? Any festivals you care to announce at the moment?

As I said before we are looking to release something in March time, we don’t know in what capacity yet. We have loads of songs, which I feel is shame for us to be sitting on, so maybe we will try an EP or something, so we can actually let people hear them. We have the two gigs that we have announced at the moment, which is all we can reveal so far, we are hopefully stepping it up with the shows we are playing but we just want to get in front of as many people as possible, so we are planning to do a few festivals!

Words: Sam Meaghan