It seems like 2019 was a real catalyst for Twisted Wheel, a sold out tour, support slots at arenas supporting Liam Gallagher and now they are ending their own headline tour back where it all really started getting crazy for them the first time round.

Twisted Wheel are headlining Manchester Ritz this Friday alongside Middleton band Scuttlers. It’s set to be one hell of a party and if you’ve ever seen Jonny Brown or Twisted Wheel before you’ll have an idea of what you’re in for. Don’t wait around to make up your mind for this as the show is extremely close to selling out and any hesitation may result in you missing out on one of them rare “I was there” moments which seems to happen every so often in Manchester.

Is it too bold to compare to the iconic night at the lesser free trade hall? Perhaps, but with a new album promised for next year and a new found desire to make it, Twisted Wheel will be leaving venues like this in the distant past and playing their own arena shows to thousands of people.

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Stuart Daley