The controversial singer, PJ Harvey, has had her notes from a trip to Kosovo, turned into a BBC Radio Drama.

Harvey’s notes, will no doubt be of some interest to absolutely everyone, but these particular notes will of course features some interesting themes throughout.

The Hope Six Demolition Project singer’s notes have been used as the main inspiration for the new Radio Drama, which will be called On Kosovo Field.

In the writing of her largely successful album this year, Harvey travelled to a lot of areas that have suffered for many reasons, mostly political. It was during that time of travelling that these notes were taken.

On Kosovo Field has been written by Fin Kennedy and follows two Kosovo-born, Manchester-raised siblings who return to their homeland after they hear that a grave has been found by their native home.

Michelle Keegen, who is best known for her former role in Coronation Street, will costar with Nico Mirallegro who is best known for his role in My Made Fat Diary.

The five-part series will air on BBC Radio 4 at 10:45am every week day from January 9th, through to January 13th. If you miss out, the show will be rerun at 7:45pm every evening.

Since the release of her album, it would appear that PJ Harvey has been unable to sit still. It was confirmed earlier this year that the singer was in the middle of writing music for a play.

Harvey provided the score for a new translation of Franz Xaver Kroetz’s German work The Nest. 

The show ran from October 27 – November 26 at the Young Vic in London.

According to a press release, the play investigated “the moral cost of an increasingly materialistic society”, which sounds just about right for a play which PJ Harvey would do the score for.