London based, Norwegian duo, amini have transformed their melodic folk sound into an upbeat song to dance along to with their latest single ‘Half Seas Over’. The indie pop duo have brought their own unique twist and combined it with a catchy electronic beat that will have you dancing without realising.

Nio Amini’s recognisable vocals are polar opposites to the fast paced rhythm of the songs; however fit the track perfectly. Amini’s lyrics bring a beautiful emotional tone to ‘Half Seas Over’ that will resonate with many listeners. The song is looking back on a special person you are missing and remember the emotions you experienced during that time – the good and the bad. ‘Half Seas Over’ sends you on that wave of emotions throughout the song are you start of upbeat with the bouncing riff and slowly settle into a comfortable embrace with Amini’s powerful vocals. You feel her emotions yourself as you reminisce the past times and the feelings you once had for somebody. The jangly riffs kicks back in and look forward to the bright future ahead of you and has to dancing in a feeling euphoria.

Words and Photo: Stuart Daley