No Hot Ashes headlined their biggest show to date at Manchester’s Sound Control with excellent support from The Claremonts and The Nix. The Stockport band sold out the 450 capacity venue 3 weeks before the show, with many people still begging for tickets on social media. I’ve never experienced such loyalty and passion towards an unsigned band like the No Hot Ashes fans posses.

Before the doors opened there was a queue stretching 50m down the road outside Sound Control, many of the crowd were wearing the opening band, The Claremonts, t-shirt; a sign of how great the band are that despite being the opening band they still brought a great following themselves. The band opened the show with lots of energy and a great performance with songs like ‘Another Day’ and ‘Roll the Dice’ sounding brilliant. There was lots of activity in the crowd from the beginning and mosh pits opening to almost every song. Once The Claremonts finished their set the crowd started chanting ‘Jeremy Corbyn’, showing the connection Manchester and music has for the political events currently happening.

The Nix were the main support for No Hot Ashes, they are a seasoned band around Manchester having supported a lot of other big artists – including Larkins. The Nix looked in control on stage and have a selection of great songs that go down well every-time. ‘Fear Of Change’ has real power behind it and gets the crowd going and warmed up for the main act of the night.

Coming onto the stage to the sound of cheers and screams and confetti cannons being fired over the crowd, No Hot Ashes made a statement from the moment they entered. This is their biggest headline show and they wanted to celebrate the great achievement with their fans; and they certainly did that. Opening their show with ‘Easy Peeler’ got the crowd bouncing from the beginning. With so many people on top of shoulder it was amazing to see the crowd reacting to No Hot Ashes in such a way; they danced, they swayed, they jumped and they partied like it was the best night of their life.

No Hot Ashes finished with ‘Goose’, their usual closing song and the place erupted. Lead singer Isaac Taylor attempted to lean against the barrier during the song and was dragged into the crowd by the adoring fans. He gave up the struggle, dropped his guitar and dived in and joined them. It was a great performance from start to finish and the best No Hot Ashes have sounded. They are clearly going onto bigger and better things and will undoubtably be headlining even bigger venues in the near future.

Words and Photo: Stuart Daley