The first episode of much-anticipated programme The Spaghetti Factory has been made available. The online music show, ‘The Spaghetti Factory’ was founded by the late Gary Watson of popular Glasgow-based band The Lapelles. The first episode, which was released on YouTube on Friday features a plugged-in session by The Van T’s and an acoustic set by Declan Welsh and the Decadent West, as well as interviews with both.

Gary managed to film two episodes before passing away, featuring more Glaswegian talent such as The Ninth Wave and Mt. Doubt. These episodes show what a charismatic and well liked young man he was.

The project was taken over by friends and family who wanted to see Gary’s dream realised.

The next episodes will see more of Glasgow’s finest, such as The Vegan Leather, SWAY, Baby Strange, Catholic Action and more.

Although Gary couldn’t see the completion of the series, we do have some words lifted from a proposal letter he penned to a potential sponsor that he wrote in December 2015:

“With ‘The Spaghetti Factory’ we plan to blend the old with the new: present the best up and coming bands on modern platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, all the while using the same approach as the music shows that have influenced us. Working on a music show based in Glasgow is like working in a goldmine; purely because there are so many bands writing, recording, and performing all under the roof of Scotland’s most cultural city.”

The next episode of The Spaghetti Factory will be released at the end of this week.

Words and photo by Isis Pealing