The Deaf Institute was the ideal location for Manchester band Mohawk Radio to celebrate the launch of their latest EP Shoot From The Hip. The Bermudian led rock band chose their city of origin to play host to their party and it didn’t disappoint.

Singer Mia Page came to England in 2012 following the sounds of inspirational Oasis and Stone Roses to fulfil her dreams in music. Since answering an advert searching for a singer she has led herself, accompanied by bandmates James Gregory, Dave Quinn and Conor Marsh, along the right track to do this.

With support from Katie Mac and Ideal Forgery the night got off to a steady start. The sold out venue took time to fill up with there only being a few people standing around the stage whilst others made use of the seating at the back to have a beer while they soaked up the support. The main support came from Jess Kemp, a favourite of the headline band.

The room filled up as she performed and she kept a good energy and interaction with the crowd, despite looking nervous in parts. Jess Kemp had a selection of brilliant songs and a unique voice that shows why she has attracted such a following and gathering steam around Manchester.

As Mohawk Radio took to the stage the venue was full and the gap at the front of the stage had finally been filled. They got their party started off well with their strong sound and Mia Page’s interaction with their fans. Page’s voice is extremely powerful and emotional and makes the lyrics sound very personal whilst still making them relatable.

Mohawk Radio performed a selection of old songs and new tracks off their EP including the incredible “Eyes Wide Shut” which captured the crowd and was delivered with an unbelievable amount of passion and power from one of the strongest female vocalists performing in Manchester. Mia Page had a strong stage presence with both her vocals and dancing and she is definitely the key component in Mohawk Radio.

They dedicated one of their older songs, ‘Two Million Heart Beats’, to all their fans who had helped them get to this stage and showed a true respect for the support. Despite it being a launch for their own record they still performed a cover of Birdy’s, ‘Wings’, and it went down excellently. Mohawk Radio made it sound in their own unique style and brought a different sound to a gentle song yet keeping the emotion from the original.

The night started out slow but once Jess Kemp had began performing the night took a different level and it was taken even higher once Mohawk Radio took the stage.


Words: Stuart Daley

Photo: Stuart Daley