The Liverpool music scene, of late, is pushing its head through the boundaries once more, and making itself known. Recent alumni of the once musically well-endowed city, consists of noneother than Clean Cut Kid, and Circa Waves. But in amongst those bands comes bands such like The Jackobins. 

They’ve recently played Reading and Leeds on the “This Feeling” stage, as well as, released their latest and most succesful single, ‘Hasty’. But there is more to this band that meets the eye, and ears. Living together, owning bunnies and certainly not lacking in an comaradarie, The Jackobins are like one big family.

We sat down with guitarist in the band, Veso, to find out more.

Who are The Jackobins?

Dominic Bassnett – Lead Vocals
Veso – Lead Guitar
Andy Pink – Rhythm Guitar
John Whittingham – Keys
Chris Marriott – Bass
Marc Terry- Drums

What are The Jackobins?

We’re a 6 piece alternative rock/indie band with an appetite to take over the world.

Where are The Jackobins?

Located in the heart of the greatest city in the U.K (Liverpool).

When were The Jackobins formed?

We class the birth of The Jackobins at the time our rhythm section Marc and Chris jumped on board, which was just over 2 years ago. However Dom, myself(Veso) and John experimented musically searching for the right elements for about a year prior to that. I think now with the arrival of Andy (rhythm guitar) we finally found all the right cogs to kick things into the stratosphere.

How are you feeling about your single, ‘Hasty’?

The reception so far has been quite incredible with Radio X & This Feeling making it track of the week and BBC introducing getting behind it so strongly. It also seems to be going down really well at festivals, I think it’s safe to say it was one of the highlights at both Leeds and Y Not.

Explain your sound:

It’s a fusion of really varied influences from all six of us, which is what I think makes the sound so unique. It’s a mix of alternative rock with some indie elements and a touch of psych, grunge and pop at times, it’s hard to describe, but I think with the latest few release you can definitely start to hear ‘The Jackobins’ sound. Rather than putting it in words I’d suggest you just check it out and let the music speak for itself.

What can we expect from The Jackobins?

All I can say is that if you liked ‘Hasty’ you’ll love our new single ‘Victoria’, which we finished recording last week. We’ve got a number of quality gigs left until the end of the year with a few special surprises in the mix, so keep an eye on our social media. There will be a small U.K tour to finish 2016 off and a lot of great things for 2017 which we can’t wait to announce, alongside a new E.P.

Reading and Leeds, how did that feel?

I don’t think it’s sank in yet. When you’re a kid and you want to start a band you always talk about R&L, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight etc and wish you get to play them one day, so to actually get there is an incredible achievement for a band who’s self managed and still unsigned. We’re all absolutely buzzing and the fact that our set made one of the official Leeds Festival Live Blog highlights just topped it all, it certainly stands as one of the highlights of our musical careers to date.

Favourite meal deal when out on the road?

We had to sit down and have a serious think and chat about this one haha. Two essentials are a cuppa of Yorkshire Tea, the lads just love it especially Dom he’s a teaholic. As for myself a good double espresso is somewhat of a necessity for me to function and Starbucks know how to deliver the goods.

As for food there’s a place in Manchester called Go Falafel, the food is outstanding and you can not go wrong with a falafel sandwich and fresh squeezed orange juice can you.

We ranked this little Mexican gaff next to The Oporto in Leeds in second place, it was absolutely unreal, I’d personally (Veso) recommend going there after a gig and not prior if you can’t handle spice.

In third place, fish and chips anywhere on the sea side in Cleethorpes/Grimsby area. We have some found memories there and its 100% the best fish and chips you’ll ever have.

Where can we hear your music?

You can find us on all the major outlets; such as Spotify where you can follow us to keep updated with new releases, also Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, VeVo, but for general updates just head over to Facebook or our official website.

What’s a fun fact about the band?

We all live in a house together with two pet bunnies named after Jonny Cash and David Bowie, I think that’s as rock n’ roll as we’ll ever get haha.

You can find The Jackobins on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.