Emerging from the depth on Stockport, Cordeliers have been stamping their particular sound on the Manchester music scene quite firmly. With a dark, powerful sound Cordeliers have been making their name heard in almost every corner of Manchester and looking to spread even further afield.

Cordeliers posses a strong indie sound which is layered over with excellent vocals. They have scrapped the trendy ‘Jangle’ for a heavy hitting indie-rock sound that will bring you back to the days of The Enemy and other heavy hitters.

Who are Cordeliers? 

Joe Shaw – Voice
James Walker – 6 String
Elliot McNeill – 4 String
Matt Lane – Pots and Pans

What are Cordeliers?

4 young whippersnappers just trying to make their way in this cruel dark world

Where are Cordeliers? 

At this exact moment (19:42 11/07/2017) Matt and James are answering these questions in Matts bedroom. Elliot is at work (dane bank pub, check it out) and Joe is holidaying in Cornwall (we wish him a wonderful time). But we all touch base in swingin’ Stockport, more specifically rampant Reddish 
When did Cordeliers form?

Technically December 2014 when Joe and James started covering Smiths songs in James’ garage (poorly), Matt joined the formidable outfit in June 2015, Elliot then arrived in the December and we began gigging in April 2016.

How did you meet? 

Matt and Joe are cousins so met when Joe was born (c.1996), James and Joe met in primary school (c.2001), James and Joe then met Elliot at high school (c.2008)
Joe then introduced his super talented cousin into the fold and the rest is history

Why are Cordeliers a band? 

Mainly as an excuse to go to the pub and to revel in each others fantastic company

Explain your live show: 

Plenty of blue for the dads

What can we expect from 2017?

12 Months probably. 

In all seriousness hopefully some new songs and a lot of gigs.

Where can we find your music?

Minidisc only

Oh and Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes etc 


Words: Stuart Daley