The Reytons have burst onto the scene here in Manchester after taking over their hometown of Sheffield where they sold out The Leadmill back in December. They featured on our “Big in 2019” list and we went to watch them blow the roof off a sold out Night People for Scruff Of The Neck!

The Reytons took to the stage as the crowd roared at their arrival, they instantly kick there set off with what appeared to be fan favourites ‘Low Life’ and ‘On The Back Burner’. Despite some minor technical difficulties as lead guitarist Joe O’Brien’ guitar decided to cut out during ‘Harrison Lesser’, the lads showed their true professionalism as they ploughed on through the set with frontman Jonny Yerrell improvising by singing the guitar riffs.

The Reytons continued to impress the crowd as the devoted fans jumped to the beat of 2017 Reytons songs ‘Could Do Better’ and ‘Reckless’. Jonny had the crowd in the palm of his hands, he has an effortless presence as a frontman, he comes across as cool, calm and collected but can switch to a true performer in a matter of seconds!

Brand new single ‘Canine’ went down a treat as the fans in Manchester seemed to know every single word as they belted it out. You can see the band enjoy being on stage and feed off the buzz from the fans, the more the fans are into the gig, the more the band will give.

This gig had a special feel to it as The Reytons provided a headline worthy set, they have plenty of material to choose from having 3 EPs currently released. The band seem extremely popular with their fanbase as their songs have lyrics which people can relate to. The Reytons come across as 4 lads just touring the UK doing what they love most, playing their music to packed out venues full to the brim with passionate fans!

I’m excited to see what the future holds for The Reytons in terms of new music and bigger gigs as they continue to work with Scruff Of The Neck to build on what they have already started.

Written by: James Thomas