The anticipation for Liam Gallagher’s Finsbury Park headline has been simmering since it sold out long before the event. There are very few artists, let alone solo artists, that could command two outdoor stages for their own headline show; however Liam Gallagher is no ordinary man. The Manchester icon made this landmark milestone with support from old friends and the latest Brit-Pop generation.

In between choruses of “It’s Coming Home” and the lengthy queues at the bar were some incredible acts, both on the main stage and the second stage hidden in the trees. DMAS were one of the first on the main stage with their heavily Oasis inspired melodies. After a long run of tour dates around England which have seen them play at some incredible festivals, including Neighbourhood & Sound City, the Australian band look like their home sharing a stage with the iconic frontman.

As the sun set over London the chants of “Liiaammm” can be heard around the festival as punter grow restless before he enters the stage. When Oasis played Heaton Park before their split, they were supported by a young band called Twisted Wheel, today they return to support Liam once again. Headlining the second stage the manchester band got the energy fired up before the main event. Performing old classics like ‘You Stole The Sun’ and ‘Lucy The Castle’ as well as songs from their latest EP like ‘Jonny Guitar’ that had the crowd bouncing around and singing the words back to Jonny Brown.

As everyone piled into the main stage waiting for Liam Gallagher the rumour of a secret set where muttered and whispered “there is a Richard Ashcroft acoustic set”. True to the rumours, Richard Ashcroft entered the stage with his acoustic guitar and played a 4 tracks; possibly 4 of the most iconic tracks from The Verve’s era ‘Sonnet’, ‘Lucky Man’, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

The time had come, it was the moment everybody had come for; Liam Gallagher’s entrance the stage. In true Liam Gallagher style the attention was all on him. A video displayed on the screens showing Gallagher walking from the green room to the stage with ‘Fucking In The Bushes’ playing out with the words “We put this festival on you bastards”.

Gallagher played an incredible set, demonstrating his new found musical prowess that has lead him to become the solo artist he is now. His vocals sounded better than ever and he commanded the stage like he did back in the 90’s. Playing a mixture of his new singles of his album ‘As You Were’ and Oasis classic, Gallagher put on one of the most incredible performances i’ve seen.

With flares lighting the sky Gallagher, alongside Bonehead for some tracks, played ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Star’, ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Supersonic’, ‘Some Might Say’, ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, ‘Live Forever’, ‘Wonderwall’ and a surprise performance of ‘D’YEr Wanna Be A Spaceman?’ alongside recent hits ‘Wall of Glass’ and ‘Greedy Soul’. It’s clear to see the Mancunian frontman still has his style and swagger and shows no signs of stopping.

Stuart Daley