Saturday saw Dandelion Rose, Narrow Margin & Freeda descend upon Gorilla along with hundreds of noisy fans. Opening proceedings were Freeda who played a 45minute set packed full of hits from start to finish. Playing a longer set than usual didn’t seem to phase Freeda as they kept the energy and tempo up throughout. A very early slot for Freeda who have recently headlined Soup Kitchen didn’t stop their fans from coming out to watch them and queuing outside the venue before the doors opened. Freeda incorporated their usual cover of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ seamlessly alongside their new single ‘Go Home’ which lit the room alight.

Narrow Margin brought the vast majority of the audience and it was clear to see during their set as they were all dancing and bouncing off each other to every song. The young crowd made themselves heard and even surfed along the crowd whenever possible. Narrow Margin played a few new songs which sound to be a step above their previous tracks and puts them in good stead for something special coming soon.

Headliners, Dandelion Rose, took the stage as the room was beginning to empty; leaving behind the hardcore fans who had waited all night to see them. Dandelion Rose were a much more melodic band than Narrow Margin’s before them, but lacked the energy that the crowd had during their set. All three bands sounded great, however Freeda were the standout band on the night and kept the crowd full of energy and excitement throughout their set.

Photo & words by: Stuart Daley