The success of the Saturday at Blackthorn Festival ran into the early ours; Sunday was eagerly anticipated. There was some heavy heads Sunday morning as the queue for the breakfast bar stretched around the campsite. Sunday got off to a slow start as some people called it quits early and left – the rest slowly made their way back to reality.

Making our way across the site to The Paddock stage where most of the best bands were based over the weekend Young Jack caught our attention on the Meadow Stage. With a funk sound that wasn’t heard much over the weekend, Young Jack brought a freshness and a party to the weekend.

By early afternoon everyone had got their spirits back and had piled into the Paddock Stage for one the best bands of the weekend – The Claremonts. Perhaps too early on the line up for a band with a reputation like they hold, however it got everybody back into the party spirit as songs like ‘Another Day’ and ‘Roll the Dice’ pounding through the tent. Latest single ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk To You Tonight’ is a foot stomper from the beginning and got the crowd in the mood for dancing and bouncing.

Following The Claremonts on the Paddock Stage were Saytr Play, a very enigmatic band who haven’t pinned down a specific sound to claim their own; however this shows the calibre of talent they posses. Saytr Play were one of the most energetic bands with lead singer parading around the stage and playing music everyone could involved with.

Sly Antics kept the energy flowing as they powered through their incredible set adorning the latest fashion in short-shorts. Lead singer Sam Hudson spent most of the show running around the crowd, guitar in hand. Sly Antics are a brilliant live band that throw all their energy into their performances and hit you with a wall of sound.

Travelling from nearby Glossop to the main stage of Blackthorn Festival were Larkins. With an upbeat indie-pop sound and catchy lyrics that everybody can sing along with; Larkins are known for their live performances. They played a few songs that they don’t normally, however they didn’t go down as well as some of the fan favourites including new single ‘Sugar Sweet’.

The first of the two headliners on Sunday was Space. Lead singer Tommy Scott spent the majority of the set walking around the front of the crowd singing to them and getting them to sing back. Space had a really polished sound, however it wasn’t exciting to watch their iconic song ‘Female of the Species’ sang by a stranger from within the crowd instead of the band people had come to see.

The Lightning Seeds ended the weekend at Blackthorn Festival with a mature performance full of songs that rekindled a past most people have forgotten. They still had their Britpop sound however slightly aged in the 3 decades they have been performing. The Lightning Seeds were a great way to finish a weekend that showcased some of the best new bands coming from the Manchester area and further afield. There are lots of bands to keep an eye out for who played over the weekend including: Corella, No Hot Ashes, Ravellas, Sly Antics, Factory, The Claremonts and lots of other new bands.

Words and Photo: Stuart Daley