The gentle crackle of white noise reverberates around your mind and then the soothing picking of the guitar echoes around your innermost thoughts. The deeper you delve into your dream the darker it becomes, with the white noise building up and suddenly calming back down again. With nearly two minutes of instrumental introduction, ‘Blame It on the Weather’ sets the scene for Blushes debut EP Private Viewing. The repetitive guitar continues throughout the song with Bradley Ayres deep vocals overlaying them with a dreary, dream like tone while Tiffany Marie’s harmonies entwine the track in a hazy mist.

‘To the Bone’ is entirely different to the opening track and has you dancing from the first guitar note. Ayre’s vocals are much more prominent on this track and are clearly more RnB inspired. ‘To the Bone’ brings a life to Blushes debut EP and shows the bands ability to border on many different genres without being tied down to a specific sound. This is by far the stand out track on the EP and is something you can imagine being played across multiple radio stations – an excellent achievement from a young band with their debut EP.

‘Voices’ harks back to the dream stage of the opening track, however referencing Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ in the lyrics; once again crossing genre boundaries and integrating all their influences into their music. Ayre’s vocals are more spoken; like the voices in your dream speaking to you, setting paranoia into your thoughts with Marie’s harmonies playing your alter ego.

Back into the dancing swing, ‘Hypnotise’ kicks in strongly and then mellows back into the soothing dream. The schizophrenia portrayed in ‘Voices’ is replicated in the constantly changing sound that Blushes create; Private Viewing is always battling within itself to fight out of it’s dream like start into the powerful overlying tone the EP possesses. ‘Hypnotise’ breaks down in the middle with Marie repeating herself over and over again on top of a repetitive guitar, building in pace and noise as the song grows.

Closing track ‘Skin’ sees Marie take the lead on vocals with Ayre’s echoing her every lyric. This track brings the story of the EP to a close; combining all the components that build up the previous tracks. Blushes have produced an excellent debut EP that tells a story as it progresses and the more you listen to it the more details you pick up on. On the skin of the EP it is a peaceful piece of music, however the deeper you delve the more emotions it brings out and the more you learn to enjoy what Blushes have created.

Words: Stuart Daley