‘I can never get enough of Liverpool.’ – Held in the city’s hidden treasure of venues, The Kooks gave life to the Olympia Theatre, playing all of their greatest songs on the ‘Best of’ tour.

Strings of confetti hung from the ornate ceilings. The crowd gathered underneath it – girls with glitter on their cheeks, groups of mates nursing pints and die-hard fans wearing tour t-shirts from years ago. Fans, old and new, rushed in to have a good spot in the audience. There was a buzz in the air.

Liverpool’s own, The Vryll Society, supported and opened the night. Mixing a psychedelia sound with indie tones, the five-piece band have managed to create their own sound. Playing some of their popular songs, ‘Sacred Flight’, ‘Coshh’ and ‘Air’, the crowd seemed transfixed by the music. They finished with ‘Deep Blue Sea’, doused in pink and blue lights. It was amazing. It’s definitely exciting times for this band.

The Kooks created waves in the crowd as they walked on stage behind a sheet covering the entirety of it. Teasing the fans, only their silhouettes could be seen. ‘Eddie’s Gun’ kicked in and the sheet dropped. Everybody went crazy, but who couldn’t to this song?

‘Come on, this is what you came for’, lead singer, Luke Pritchard, said before playing ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’.

We have been blessed with over a decade worth of music from this band. This year they released a greatest hits album titled ‘Best of… So far’. The ‘So far’ reassured us that it’s not the end of The Kooks yet, rather a fantastic reflection on what they’ve already gifted us.
From the title, fans could anticipate what songs may end up on the set list – of course, the classics like, ‘Naïve’, ‘Always Where I Need to Be’ and ‘Shine On’. However, on a ‘Best of’ tour, it opens doors to perform songs that are often written off when touring with new material. The Kooks took advantage of this by playing a B-side, ‘Pull Me In’ and even showcasing the reworking of an older song, ‘Rosie’.

The set list was faultless, evenly including tracks from all four albums. The Kooks couldn’t miss the chance to showcase their new song, ‘Be Who You Are’. This catchy, feel-good song feels like a typical Kooks’ song – in a good way. They are developing their musical style while maintaining key elements that make the band who they are. Despite only releasing this single at the end of March, fans sang their hearts out. They even had time to debut a newer, unreleased song, ‘Broken Vow’. Keep your eyes and ears out for this one – it’s a good’en.

This was a perfect night for any Kooks lover. Fans from Liverpool are being spoiled as The Kooks will shortly return to headline Sound City on Sunday 28th May alongside The Vryll Society. I, for one, am definitely ready for seconds.

Words: Sophie Brereton