A deep rumble of drums and an even deeper vibration of bass creates the spine behind the shamelessly melodic guitar riffs and infectious vocals that makes up the wall of noise produced by We Three Kings. The three-piece blues/rock masterminds have developed a sound that will be ingrained into your mind and reverberating around your head throughout your day-to-day life. Without pinning down a specific band, We Three Kings have managed to encapsulate every band you’ve grown up with into a wave of energy and passion.

Who are We Three Kings?
Balls-out fuzzed up bluesy rock threesome from Manchester.

What are We Three Kings?
An as yet unidentified species of wild animal.

Where are We Three Kings?

When did We Three Kings form?
The womb.

How did We Three Kings meet?
At a sex party.

Why are We Three Kings?
The people get what the people want.

Explain your live show:
Pure unadulterated filth.

What can we expect from 2018?
Criminal charges.

Where can we find your music?

Written by: Stuart Daley