An amalgamation of different bands, with the help of music’s version of Tinder, brought Templars together; and great music is what brought them to you. Templars are a 4-piece indie/alternative band from Stockport that have travelled all over Europe playing their catchy music.

With excellent vocals layered over rolling bass line Templars are producing a sound that is catchy the attention of listeners. There’s something about the band that you can relate to and their music brings a personal feel to the listener. Growing in experience and growing ability Templars are constantly improving their sound and spreading their name further afield.

Who are Templars? 

Templars comprise of a scientist, an engineer, an IT tech and a bartender – a mixed barrel of professions to make awesome music.

What are Templars?

Templars is a journey, an adventure, an aspiration to the top.

Where are Templars? 

A band from a town called Stockport – yes that’s right, there are other bands from Stockport…

When did Templars form? 

Templars were originally formed by Glenn and Scott in the early age of February 2016. Later Kenny and Jack joined to complete the quartet.

From a year’s worth of sweaty basements to rehearsal rooms, it’s safe to say we’re sounding okay.


How did you meet? 

From previous bands to finding that damn drummer on Musician Finder(basically Tinder)

We found each other through mutual interests which drove us to form Templars.

Why are Templars?

When you’ve played your instrument for years, there must be something good to put to use right?

Who knew it came with a lot of perks of traveling around the UK and even Europe!

Makes it all worth while when you see everyone cheering and singing to the music you wrote the other night in your boxers.

Explain your live show: 

We all play with unique styles, passion and influences of all kinds of music which creates catchy riffs, vibrant melodies and upbeat rhythm which even gets your mum and dad moving!

What can we expect from 2017?

A second EP release, from the lands of picturesque Portugal with a host of live shows, interviews and a sweaty tour bus at the end of the year.

Where can we find your music?

You can find our EP Inelegant Relations and the Single Hope on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and YouTube! Latest new single and EP will be released soon this summer! Stay Tuned.

Words: Stuart Daley
Photo: Jason Rhodes