Skies Turn Black are a Hard Rock/Metal band conquering the music scene from their base in Huddersfield. With support slots with brilliant touring bands Skies Turn Black have gained the experience and knowledge that puts them a step over any other in bands in their genre. The unique blend of heavy yet melodic music will have you hooked and watching in awe.

Who are Skies Turn Black?
A bunch of nerds who like to play music between the busy schedule of playing League of Legends and teaching the future of our nation.

What are Skies Turn Black?
Heavy. Technical. Melodic. Beautiful. Dirty. Heart felt. Passionate. Epic. Hairy. Ingenious. Exceptional. Strong and stable. Kick ass. Hungry. Heroic. A little bit kinky.

Where are Skies Turn Black?
Everywhere. Literally everywhere. Leeds. Burnley. Manchester. A small island off the coast of Switzerland.
But our hearts lay in Huddersfield. Thats our home.

When did Skies Turn Black form?
Theres been a few different forms of Skies Turn Black going on for donkeys years now. From jamming around as kids to really developing instrumental skills all the way through uni and all of us actually making it out of the other side. Miracles do happen. But really the past year or two we have been a lot more creative and driven to push ourselves to the next level.

How did you meet?
Uni. Probably drunk? Definitely drunk.

Why are Skies Turn Black?
Because there is nothing but pure love for the music that we are creating. We are always pushing ourselves to play better and be tighter as musicians creating such an audacious challenge for ourselves. Its not easy. But it wouldn’t be any fun if it was.

Explain your live show:
It starts off…a dark stage and then a beam of light, and you can see me and my guitar. And then a thin layer of fog comes in around my ankles. And then Danny comes in with the bass. And then Jamie comes in with the face melter guitar. And then…Hawaii 5-0, you ever see that show? O.K. well there’s a drum solo in there…Shigadugadugdugadugaduga Boom! Big ol’ explosion…some like confetti comes down. Anyway, that’s all I got so far, it’s a work in progress…

What can we expect from 2018?
An album! We have been working on this album for an eternity because we want it to be just right. Just the right amount of wonderfulness to fill the hearts of every metal head craving some delicious riffs. That, we have nailed.

Where can we find your music?
We have a music video for Life Goes On youtube. Our first EP is everywhere online. iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Amazon.
And theres a chance that there are a few of our CD’s and T shirts for sale in a car boot sale in Liverpool after a bag of our merch got nicked. But keep a look out though.

Written by: Stuart Daley