Provocateurs are your stereotypical mancunian, indie lovers. Creating music for the pure passion of being together amongst alcohol and great music is the chemistry which binds Provocateurs together and emits a radial glow of self-belief. Provocateurs anthemic songs will have you instantly hooked and joining them partying along to their Mancunian heritage.

Who are Provocateurs?
The band was formed by drummer Fitch and lead singer Duffy on a drunken night out in 42’s Manchester, from then they found 2 other members James and Marco and formed Provocateurs.

What are Provocateurs?
With rough and ready live performances, dirty riffs that would make you and your girlfriend grow a beard and anthemic choruses like of a town-crier reading the words of James Joyce if he were on crack.

Where are Provocateurs?
With a Bottle of vodka in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other, Provocateurs wear their macunian hearts on their sleeves and rub their rusty northanness on your head.

When did Provocateurs form?
Only playing there first gig together in June last year, the band are ready to take on and smash the shit out of the indie scene in 2018,

Explain your live show:
Lock away your relatives, not one to miss – let me explain..

James Allens riffs will cause havoc! Marco’s bass will shake you to pieces, Fitch’s drums will bounce you off the walls and Duffy’s vocals sounding like a pissed up Manc doing an impression of Billy Corgan. They’ve got you leaving like ‘yeah this is okay’. Give us a try, not peace, give us a try.

Written by: Stuart Daley