The Nix have created their own blend of attitude by adding powerful elements to an established indie sound with layer upon layer upon layer of rhythmic guitar (3 guitarists!). The Stockport quintet have be building up slowly over the past few years and have rocketed out of the shadows into their own limelight with a sold out headline show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

Who are the Nix ?
The Nix are made up of Nathan Shepherd (vocals & guitar), Hayden Anwar (vocals & guitar), Tom Bulger (guitar), Andy Shaw (Bass), Josh Walker (Drums)

What are the Nix?
The Nix are a Sponge & Squeeze quintet who are providing good vibes for the people.

Where are the Nix?
The Nix hail from the up and coming town of Stockport

When did the Nix form?
We formed around 6 years ago when we were mere infants

How did you meet?
We all met at high school, some met previously before at primary school but those days are long forgotten

Why are the Nix?
We all share a love for song writing and want people to hear our tunes.

Explain your live show:
Come see us live and find out x

What can we expect from 2018?
New music, more gigs, the imminent threat of nuclear war.

Where can we find your music?
On all major platforms; Spotfiy, iTunes, deezer, soundcloud, the bin etc etc

Words and photo by: Isis Pealing