After their most recent release, ‘Halo’, and a storming set at Club NME, there doesn’t seem to be enough of King No-One to go around. Even though the band don’t write the kind of music that you can lose your head to, they do write the kind of music that is easy to get lost in. 

Their shimmering guitars and somewhat tropical beats give you, the listener, a little slice of summer and a huge bite of self-indulgent lyricism. There are people out there that might just not fancy having a dance at the drop of the hat, but those people’s stance might change upon the moment they press play on a King No-One track.

We got to know the York based band a little bit more.

Who are King No-One?

King No-One is a new kind of jesus represented by Zach, James, Joe and Alex.

What are King No-One?

King No-One means everyone is born equal ‘No one is king’, no one should be born to more rights than other. So we are about equality. We have stories, opinions and beliefs and our way of expression is our art form which is predominantly; but not limited to, music.

Where are King No-One?

Right now we’re currently pulling shapes on top of a park in Copenhagen.

When were King No-One formed?


Explain Your Sound:

I like to let the listener hear it for themselves first before I try and explain and give them a pre conception of our sound, as it can tweak there perception of it. But our music always compliments the point we’re trying to make, unless intentionally opposite.

You guys have been playing up and down the country at the moment, and a few festivals, any highlights?

There are so many highlights but our hometown shows in York at Fibbers are particularly special to us. 500 people going crazy and screaming our songs back is unforgettable and moving experience.

Favourite venue you have played, and why:

02 Shepherd’s bush empire in London – as it was our first ever London show on two of our 18th Birthdays to a sold out crowd supporting Embrace.

Favourite festival, and why:

Our favourite festival performance was either Leeds fest as we’d only being going for a few months. But we’d been going as punters for years so it was very special! Or Great Escape this gone May, which was on my 21st birthday, the room was maxed out and we played our hearts out and smashed it.

What has the reaction been like to the tracks you have just put out?

Absolutely great, our fans have really got behind our recent releases. And when we play them live they go crazy!

Where can we hear your music?

Spotify, iTunes, Youtube also when you’re dreaming.

What’s a fun fact about the band?

We have a funky dance routine, and every time we go on a night out we bust it out.

You can find King No-One on Facebook and Twitter.