The Jjohns are the band managing to keep the genre of Mersey Beat alive, and give it that air in the lungs it needs.
Yet, with The Jjohns, it’s a bit more melancholic than the upbeat, and at times hysterical, sounds of The Coral in the days gone by.
We got to know them a little better for you…

Who are the Jjohns?

We are a 4 piece Mersey sound band made up of 4 Liverpool lads with lots to express and many points to make.

What is the Jjohns?
A musical REVOLUTION, we want to get back what’s got out of hand in the past 10 years and that’s music. We are here to start Rock and roll again. Let the youth of today know that hope can be found in a melody and you can be what you like if you try. We are not here to try and influence anybody or preach, but we are definitely here to inspire a lost bunch which is the youth of today. That is the Jjohns

Where are the Jjohns
Not where we want to be at this current moment but in time we’ll get there. Were happy as we are at the moment though and how things are progressing

When did the Jjohns form?
The date was some time early April 2015. When Mik returned from uni with a load of debt and give Dom a guitar. Dom then started to write, and write and write some more. Together we connected through melodies and music and realised that was a way to stop the mass carnage that would occur in house from day to day. The frustration was built up from school life and teachers which intended to more force us rather than actually let us express ourselves.

How did you meet?
Me (Dom) and Mik first met when I was born in June 94 and he didn’t really like me until I started to talk, then he hated me! Naa jokes aside me and Mik get on really well when we are sober haha. We met ste through school he’s miks mate. We laughed about previously getting in a bass player from an online source, when Ste said ‘volley him out and get me in’. I liked his brutal honesty and then he joined in about July 15. Sam replaced our previous drummer Glen (also Miks uni friend) who left due to the annoyance of travelling from Chester to Liverpool all the time. Sam was Stes mate who he knew from previously playing with him. Sam then joined in October 15, then the band were fully formed.

Why are the Jjohns a band? 
Because we love the buzz of playing live and bringing our mates together through gigs. It’s just a great night out to be honest, people started liking the tunes and once that happened we couldn’t really stop. Dom does it because he likes to express himself through lyrics, oh and always likes to try his luck pulling a bird hahah.

What can we expect from a live show?
A lot of noise ! Mostly good noise haha. Sam and Ste tend to be the ones holding it together while me (Dom) and mik just do our thing. To be honest we mostly can’t recall them due to Alcohol, riots, love, our mates brought together singing in the crowd, and just sheer jamboree. But also great music from the band, It’s basically a footy crowd attending a music gig, just ask anyone who comes it always ends up being a night to remember. 

What can we expect in 2017? 
You’ll be hearing a lot more of our music. We are trying to fund our debut album at the moment to follow the debut EP released in October 2016. A lot of gigs, inside and outside Liverpool. Just watch this space !

Where can we find your music?
Itunes, we have a couple of videos on our YouTube account including a few covers and our debut video stone across my cave. Spotify, Soundcloud and more. Basically just type us in on Google.

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Words: Sam Meaghan