If you haven’t been to Brighton, bands like Thyla make it clear that it is almost a necessity to go there. The southern town, has always been a musical powerhouse, but there is a different crop of musician coming out of Brighton now. It’s not just good music, it’s effortlessly cool musicians, working together in a effortlessly cool way, to make effortlessly cool music. 
When a city has a “scene”, the term if often brandished in quite a whimsical way. A scene isn’t just where bands live, it’s a community of artists. Thyla are part of that scene, and are a complete byproduct of bands working together to make, what is ultimately, and plainly, fucking great music.
We got to know the band a little better for you…
Who are Thyla? 
Thyla consists of Millie on vocals and guitar, Dan on Bass and Backing Vocals, Mitch on guitar, and Danny on drums!
What is Thyla?
We make guitar music that’s inspired by new wave, new romantic and grungy-psych bands.
Where is Thyla? 
The big and vast musician’s colony that is Brighton!
When did Thyla form? 
We formed in December 2014 so we’re 2 years young.
How did you meet? 
A huge cliche but we all basically met at University
Why is Thyla a band? 
Because we all loathe the idea of doing something that isn’t making music.
Explain your live show? 
Vibes, Heavy machinery made from turquoise and amethyst.
What can we expect from 2017?
We have two tracks that we recorded this christmas so they will be released this spring. Gig offers are coming in and we will try and play as many as possible this year with hopes of peppering the festival circuit in the summer.
Where can we find your music?
Our existing tracks are exclusively on SoundCloud for free listening. You will be able to find the new singles on Spotify and iTunes when we put them out.

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Words: Lee Vincent