Do you know who Panda Cult are? We do, but if we were to tell you that would be giving up the secret… Panda Cult play the kind of music that almost instantly evokes the kind of happiness that only a summer-inducing sound can. Their debut single, ‘First Time’, is a beautiful rendition, and indeed lesson, of how to write a fantastic pop song.

Honest lyricism, and an insanely difficult to shake hook. Panda Cult have not held back in all regards. This is a band that in no time at all will be peering their heads in to common knowledge.

We got to know them a little better for you…

What are Panda Cult?

Panda Cult are 3 wools and a southerner playing indie-pop tunes.

Where are Panda Cult? 

Based in Liverpool/Wirral

When did Panda Cult form? 

We officially formed Panda Cult in March 2017

How did you meet? 

We met through the glorious Liverpool music scene in separate bands. I’d go to gigs of local upcoming bands I liked and just talk to the members after and if they were sound, I’d go for a beer with them. Then slowly I’d convince them to join me on a musical journey to nowhere. Sometimes you don’t just ‘meet in school’ and form a band with your ‘best mates.’ My best mates all left my school at 16 and either went into their family business or just got into all kinds of mischief. They’d have rather set fire to their favourite tracksuit than join a band.

Why are Panda Cult a band? 

We are a band because we love to make music and think we’re pretty decent at it. Love to play live and just be part of a great music scene.

Explain your live show: 

Our live show is up tempo and energetic. We don’t go too far with the jumping around the stage thing as we pride ourselves on being tight as well as (hopefully) putting on a bit of a show.

What can we expect from 2017?

I have absolutely no idea what you can expect from us in 2017. We’re just kind of blindly dropping a line into the huge lake which is the Liverpool music scene and seeing what comes of it. Sometimes you catch a boot sometimes you catch a whale. We’d settle for a decent size tuna I reckon right now.

Where can we find your music?

You can find our music on our Soundcloud

You can like and follow the band, here:

Facebook | Twitter

Words: Sam Meaghan