Have you heard of Beach Royals? Probably not, yet, but you soon will do. With a debut EP, Trap Door Music, that has had people scrambling over each other to be the first to exclaim how much they loved it the quartet are looking to became a house-hold name.

With a jangly guitar layered over powerful bass lines Beach Royals have the makings of what could become the next iconic sound crawling out of the Fallowfield hell-pit. With two singers and songwriters they offer a multitude of sounds which perfectly compliment each other and leave you wondering what’s next.

Who are Beach Royals?

The latest brain child of long term collaborators Ross Jarvis and Dan Whiteley, seeking to emulate the guitar jangle immortalised by R.E.M. and The Smiths, glued together by Fred Adomakoh and Simon Gray – arguably the tightest rhythm section since Mani met Reni. Arguably.

What are Beach Royals?

What aren’t Beach Royals?

In all seriousness, if you’re a 20-something lost in the cycle of love, life, booze, drugs, failed relationships, unemployment, and somehow seeing it through to the end of the month, we’re basically the new black.

Where are Beach Royals?

Physically: Manchester (though as a disclaimer we are one part Mancunian, two part Yorkshire, with a splash of Fred’s civilised Southern charm thrown in).

Metaphysically: somewhere deep, deep inside a dank meme page.

When did Beach Royals form?

Early 2016, in the bowels of the worst practice room in the world – which, conveniently, happens to be located on our doorstep in Manchester’s famous Northern Quarter.

It’s a year on, and not much has changed.

How did you meet?

Through the Darwinism that accompanied finding decent musically minded fellas with whom one could discuss the finer things in life with over a craft ale, precipitated through studying at the University of Manchester.

Why are Beach Royals a band?

Because if you’re a big fan of sweet, sweet music, why wouldn’t you wanna make some sweet music of your own?

…that, and it’s the ideal outlet for Dan’s lifelong fixation with wearing sunglasses indoors.

Explain your live show:

A biblical, life-changing musical sermon full of memorable, catchy riffs, rip-roaring drums and emotive vocals, interspersed with just the right amount of witty repartee.

In other words, as a close friend of the band put it, “pretty dece actually.”

What can we expect from 2017?

A plethora of live music, a second EP to follow up our Debut offering “Trap Door Music”, alongside interviews, reviews, airplay, all sewing the seeds for a glorious first album.

Where can we find your music?

Soon to be on Spotify and iTunes but currently our main outlets are Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook. And of course keep your ears to the ground for news of live shows starting in Manchester early Summer!

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Words: Stuart Daley