From the depths of the somewhat hopeful music scene that is now placed all along the south-coast (there is more to god’s waiting room than Brighton), come the five-piece math-rock band, Cavaliers. A band that mix a sultry sound of chiming guitars and ethereal atmospherics, run a jaunt alongside the more obscure bands of the indie genre. 

The band have been about, even visiting Wales, for a couple of years. And it’s certainly been a joyous occasion every time they have released something new into the world. So we sent an email and got to know them a little better. Read their somewhat sarcastic answers below…

Who are Cavaliers?

Five young southerners not as fashionable or royalist as their seventeenth century counterparts

What is Cavaliers?


1. (noun) premier basketball team from the US of A
2. (noun) premier indie pop band who make bangers so hot they can melt a 99 flake

Where are Cavaliers?

When the world needs us but does not want us, then we must stay. When the world wants us but no longer needs us, then we have to go.

When did Cavaliers form?


How did you meet?

James, Chris, Ed and Eddie met via education in Winchester and all the musical soul searching, cafeteria cookie escapades and lustful romance triangles that come with it, we later met Samir on Grindr.

Why are Cavaliers a band?

We formed due to a desire to stop fucking about with acoustic shows and start playing loudly again like our pre-pubescent days. We have remained a band largely for the excitement generated by the experiences we have shared. We’ve been fortunate enough to support and limply shake the hands of *cough Cocozza* some of our favourite artists, and the whole process of arduous train and car journeys to play to people who are kind enough to give us their attention feels very natural and stimulating to us. The music we have a lot of fun producing tends to receive moderate praise from strangers on the internet, (particularly in South America) which really gives us a tangible thing to be proud of. We plan on remaining a band as long as these things remain fun, which we believe they always will, and while we still have goals to reach out to things we haven’t reached yet, which we surely will.

What can we expect for the new year?

We will soon be announcing a string of shows for the spring and NEW songs, maybe some haircut mix ups as well.

Where can we find your bangers?

Other than alongside our mash we are found on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud and possibly elsewhere in the depths of the web.

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