Ah Liverpool, the land of hope for musicians. The common misconception of, if you’re going to make it anywhere, you’re going to make it in Liverpool. It’s believed and followed by not only the city, but the musicians who flock to the city from every crevice, corner and culpable place on the planet. Yet, occasionally, a band will appear from out of town, and you think to yourself, “by, jove, it could just happen for them”. And by jove, it might just happen for Ladies.

The fact is, like every city everywhere, it’s your produce that will do it for you and with Ladies, it would appear that this is what will do it for them. Ladies create a defunct art-rock sound, that tilters on the edge of post-punk minimalism. Their sound has the essence, indeed the heart beat, of early 2000s indie rock, circa The Libertines, yet it has a certain sensitivity, a wry smile, and a weary pat on the back at the end of a three-day bender. Ladies are the kind of band you’d take home to your parents just to piss them off.

So with that being said, we got to know them a little better…

Who are Ladies?

We are Chas Moody on guitar and lead vocals, Sam Branch on Bass and backing vocals and Mitia Smirnov on drums and backing vocals.

What is Ladies?

We are a Liverpool based jangly-pop three piece.

Where is Ladies?


When did Ladies form? How did you meet?

Chas met Mitia at a party around 5 years ago and Sam and Chas met in a club in which Chas and Sam noticed the door to one of the bars was open and proceeded to free a bottle of Amereto and share. After that Chas and Sam became friends and formed a band called ‘The Vice’ which fell apart in 2013 and a year later in May 2014 Sam and Chas ran into Mitia in a pub and decided to have a jam. The rest is history,

Why are Ladies a band?

That’s something which is hard to define. As a kid you either want to be in a band or be a professional footballer and at some point you realise that you enjoy a pint too much to be the other. That’s the short answer. I think all musicians and artists have this deep desire to express themselves and prove something to somebody. I think we all have that. Our songs are all pretty much a sigh of ‘fuck you’. As soon as you write a song it’s like you’ve won whatever battle you were trying to fight.

How has 2016 been for you?

2016 saw us settling into Liverpool life, playing over 100 shows and getting our own residence on Mathew St at Lennon’s Bar. The size of the shows that we’ve been playing has changed slowly throughout the year too. Last week we played to a packed out Magnet supporting our good friend Cal Ruddy which was the first time we’ve had a room full of people singing our songs back to us and not just our crowd down the front. We kicked off Made in Liverpool TV which we were honoured to be asked to do and did an Interview for them in which people reckon we were wired doing but in fact took place at Lennon’s Bar at 10am after Chas had been up since 5am loading barrels in. We finished the mixing of our debut album which we have given people glimpses throughout the year which is set for a release in early 2017. The best thing we’ve probably done is met such good people in and around the scene. Bands like The Jjohns, Dark Polaris, Cal Ruddy, Neildsy, James McGuigan, hearing songs that those lot have written is what really pushes you and inspires you.

What will 2017 bring for Ladies?

We’ll be carrying on with our weekly residency at Lennon’s Bar every Tuesday but also be getting gigs further away in Leeds and Manchester to push the new record.

We’ve got most of the second album written which sounds silly seeing as we haven’t released our first one, but we’re a bit like that. So hopefully some demo’s and noises from those sounds will start popping up if people look hard enough.

Apart from that we just love meeting the people who like our band so more of that hopefully.

Where can we find your music?

You can find a few of our songs on Soundcloud:

You can follow and like Ladies, here:

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