You may have heard of SPINN, they have been fortunate enough to feature on a whole host of blogs, and websites. Their cool, lethargic, jangle guitar-pop, is a sound that has been done before, but something about SPINN’s take on the sound, has everyone in their hometown up in arms. They are a band, whose sound has an abillity to draw you in, with their honest lyricism, but have you overall bemused at their use of the anti-chorus. 

SPINN, though their sound is wholly created by guitars, aren’t a band that follow the done footsteps of completely uplifting choruses. Instead, the band focus on keeping things cool. Mid-tempo tracks are their specialty, and that is exactly why the band do what they do so well. 2016 has seen them put things in place, 2017, will see them utilise their baby steps.

Get to know SPINN below:

Who are SPINN?

SPINN are a four piece Liverpool indie band formed in 2k15.

What is SPINN?

We’re a jangly/dreamy guitar pop band.

Where is SPINN?

SPINN are from Liverpool but coming to somewhere near you around the UK very soon.

When did SPINN form?

SPINN formed in 2k15.

How did you meet?

Johnny and Andy met in high school, Andy and Sean met in sixth form, Johnny knew George our new drummer, through mutual friends.

Why is SPINN a band?

Because we love making bangers.

How have you found the reaction to, ‘Bliss’?

We’ve found the reaction to Bliss amazing from the music blogs, they seem to love it: however we feel like green eyes went down better with fans initially.

What can we expect for the new year?

New singles, gigs out of Liverpool.

Where can we find your bangers?

Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

Check Spinn out below:

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