This band have indeed come from another load of intense recommendation from audience members suffering from the nice hangover you get after an evening at Sofar Sounds. South Island Son, are exactly the kind of band you want to listen to if you’re looking for a bit of escapism.

Their single, ‘One Year At Sea’, is a track that in itself gives you something to run away with. Beautifully written, and the vibes (sorry about using that word) are almost exclusively happy. This band are a breathe of fresh air in this genre, too. Not whiney, nor using the already abused chord progressions (*cough* Mumford *cough*), this band are different and channel nothing but happiness.

Get to know them below…

Who are South Island Son?

South Island Son are comprised of singer and rhythm guitarist Jonny Woodhead (Me), Dan Wiebe on drums, Tom Rothery on lead guitar and Ben Wiltshire on Bass.

What is South Island Son?

We are a tropical indie rock band. At least that seems to be the best set of buzzwords we can come up with.

Where is South Island Son?

We are based in Manchester. I am originally from New Zealand in the south island, hence the name. We all grew up in the north, which is considerably colder. You can find us in the city centre, shuffling around various venues trying to catch good music at the source.

When did South Island Son form?

We’ve been officially titled since November, but we’ve been playing together since August. Tom joined us in September along with Ben.

How did you meet?

I met Dan through the lead singer of his previous band Clockwork Radio, which you should search for, It’s a treat. We all knew each other through the Manchester scene. It helps to be surrounded by such talented musicians.

Why is South Island Son a band?

Dan helped me record my previous solo EP on drums early last year. He suggested we launch it live, and things kind of spiralled from there. It’s been a hell of a ride. This is my first foray into playing with a group and the sound we make has much more depth and vibrance than anything I could achieve on my own.

Explain your live show:

South Island son is primarily a live band, and we’re here to play and give the songs some legs. Expect some shimmying mostly on my behalf, and songs you can get up and dance to.

What can we expect from 2017?

We’re coming out of the blocks running in 2017, as we’re off on tour in February around France which we’ll be announcing soon. When we’re back we’ll be launching our next single. Expect to see a new music video as well.

Where can we find your music?

We are everywhere! Spotify, Apple music, Soundcloud, Youtube. Just search South Island Son.

You can like, and follow, the band, here:

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Words: Sam Meaghan