It’s nice to finally hear some balls-to-the-wall grunge again. It’s been a while, and at long last, someone has reengaged the genre with a big slap on the back and a garish smile. Forever In Debt, are that band. And we luckily got to know them a little better for you. 

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Who are Forever In Debt?

3 losers: Craig, Andy and Kenn. I (Craig Twigg) play guitar and sing, Andy Campbell play bass and Kenn Rushworth play drums.

What is Forever In Debt?

An expression of frustration via noise, fuzz and melodies.

Where is Forever In Debt?

We’re all scattered across the no man’s land towns between Liverpool and Manchester.

When did Forever In Debt form?

I recorded a demo at the beginning of 2016, Kenn and Andy joined up to form the band shortly afterwards. We released our debut EP and played our fist show in October.

How did you meet?

Andy and I had played in a band together previously. I met Kenn way back in 2003 (I think) at a jam workshop session at the Widnes Queens Hall Studio and likely played some sort of horrendous Metallica and Nirvana covers that will have sounded exactly the way that you would imagine Metallica and Nirvana covers by a couple of 14 year olds who barely knew how to hold their instruments would have sounded.

Why is Forever In Debt a band?

Because without a creative outlet we would be each be beating our heads off the wall – this particular creative outlet is the band I’ve wanted to be in since I picked up a guitar. There is nothing quite like the feeling of beating the life out of songs you wrote with your friends.

Explain your live show:

We just like to let ourselves go with the energy of what we are playing and express it as honestly as we can in as raw of a form as possible. I realise that may sound like utter nonsense so just come see us and find out.

What can we expect from 2017?

A constant flow of new music as a part of our live show, we’re constantly writing and our sound is constantly being refined – I personally lose the plot if I’m not in a constant state of creating – so a second release is also likely.

Where can we find your music?

Our debut EP can be streamed and downloaded from our Bandcamp, we have a Soundcloud, too. There are cassette tapes available from Society Of Losers Records with a few demo tracks on the B Side.

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Words: Krystian Hudson