As the digital era hits full-swing, it’s no wonder that we have singer songwriters reaching for their laptops as opposed to their phones to get ahold of their band members. It is unequivocally easier to simply go as a one man band, than to do the whole set up (bloody bass players). So when this happens, nine times out of ten, it’s always lacking. However, young Liam Brown, or L U M E N, is testament to the fact that, in the right hands it can be done oh so well. 

He’s had a cracking year, played about a million gigs, and won the hearts of absolutely everyone who has been lucky enough to spend even a fleeting moment with his music. Liver or recorded, there is no doubting L U M E N’s potential, nor his talent.

We got to know him a little better, read below…

Who is L U M E N?

L U M E N is I. It’s probably a name that demands something more mysterious and aloof, but in reality, it’s more a pseudonym for a lanky boy called Liam Brown.

What is L U M E N?

I think the idea of L U M E N is almost biblical in proportions. I think it’s such a vague concept it transcends more than just my pale exterior. I’d like to say that L U M E N will just be a musical vehicle for whoever wants to be a part of it. So maybe in the future it could a big band or still just be me. When I retire, I will pass the name down to my first child and they can continue my legacy.

Where is L U M E N?

L U M E N is based and living in the village of Aintree; famous for it’s horse racing and quite decent industrial estate. But more specifically I hibernate and rarely leave my small bedroom which doubles as my mini studio. This has it’s cons as I almost go to shining like levels of madness being around the same walls daily.

When did L U M E N start?

I’ve liked making music since “The womb, 1998” , however the inception of “L U M E N” was about July 2015. I hardly had anything besides for a large amount of terrible demos and a strange top knot that I do not miss whatsoever. It’s been a really surreal and hectic year for this boy, but I’ve enjoyed mostly every minute I’d say.

Why is L U M E N?

The critics will say L U M E N is a way of getting out of actually having a real job, and those critics would be right! But, it’s probably down to fact that I have a fond liking for making music and creating things so having a persona in which to do so makes it seem more credible and not just me avoiding any life responsibilities.

Explain your live show:

My live show is quite simple compared to most of the bands I’ve accompanied over my time. In essence, my live setup is just me, my guitar and my laptop, which plays the drum tracks and synth parts. Along with the obvious convenience of not carrying much, I also go down well with a busy sound man/woman who is my best mate after they see that I’m just a flatpack IKEA musical boy.

How does the recording process work?

The recording process is very unique to myself, as I have just learnt along the way expect maybe from some brief music tech A-Level lessons. I have accumulated some speakers, a microphone, and an iMac, and with that I sit for hours a day sometimes, coming up with odd ideas and also trying to be as unusual with sound choices as possible. I’m a big fan of completely changing vocal sounds or synth sounds to make them as computerised as possible.

What can we expect from 2017?

Hopefully you can expect me to be still living, but if I am, you can probably expect me to be running up and down Bold street getting to gigs, hopefully growing the amount of listeners I have and also releasing more tunes for all your lovely ears to enjoy!

Where can we find your bangers?

My debatable bangers can be found right here!!

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