If there was a genre nobody could have called making a comeback this year, it’s 50s Pop. But not like throwaway 50s rock, we’re talking a more abrasive version of motown. In Trudy and The Romance, you get exactly that. And with their candid sound, it’s no surprise that musos up and down the UK, American and even Germany have taken to the band like a moth to a naked flame. 

They are a band from Liverpool via both Leeds and Sheffield. So whilst they are based in the city that probably encourages their music more than they think, they are of course proudly Yorkshire. Trudy and The Romance have released a handful of singles, all of which have been praised, revelled in, and most likely danced to.

Who are Trudy and The Romance?

I’m Ol with the big chompers. We’ve got dead Lewis on the SG bass and wild Bradley on the sticks. Oh man he’s wild.

What are Trudy and The Romance?

Trudy are three Doo Wop Space Men. We wanna make the kids bop but I’m unsure if we’ll ever be on-trend. We’re dangerous. Disney meets David Lynch.

Where are Trudy and The Romance?

We live in Liverpool, feel like nowhere boys. Me and Lew sleep in Brads bed and he sleeps at his girls.

When were Trudy and The Romance formed?

Now baby

Explain Your Sound:

Mutant 50’s Pop. It bangs and cries. I hope we sound like a scene in a film. It’s all teenage screams at the moment.

You guys have been playing up and down the country at the moment, and a few festivals, any highlights?

One time on the road an old lady asked for chocolate sauce on her fish and chips. She meant to say Tartar.

Favourite venue you have played, and why:

The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. Lived around the corner once upon a time, played pool with pals and fell in love with the small cinema up the road.

Favourite festival, and why:

Myself and Brad usually attend Ynot festivals. Jesus, Mary and Joseph knows if it’s our favourite. It’s local and cheap as chips.

What has the reaction been like to the tracks you have already put out?

Everybody who digs it that we meet in person seems to be lovely and a little kooky like ourselves. A lot of our online plays come from America, Germany and all around the world. Which is really exciting for us.

Where can we hear your music?

Get down to Spotify, take a spin around Soundcloud, and if you’re still thirsty we have a few videos on Youtube.

What’s a fun fact about the band?

My favourite fruit is mango, I’m not sure about the other guys.

You can find Trudy and The Romance, on Facebook and Twitter.