The free-flowing flurry of bands coming out of Brighton at the moment, is no real surprise for some. From the past year there have been some great additions to the UK music scene, The Magic Gang and Fickle Friends being two particularly important moments. So when Close Up Promotions got ahold of Imbium and got them under their wings, we had to know more about them.

Imbium are now joining a delightful roster, they sit prettily alongside SAHARA, Howland, Bel Espirit, Cavaliers and many more. They’re in good hands, and wouldn’t you have guessed, they are a pretty good band. They are about to finish 2016 with a huge gig in Tooting Tram and Social with both Asylums, and SuperGlu playing the night, it’s definitely going to be on of those gigs.

Learn about Imbium below:

Who is Imbium? 

We are a four piece ensemble containing four conscientious young “lads” from the south of England. In order of height, they are Matt, Scott/Hayden and Joe. 

What is Imbium? 

If we told you, we’d have to kill you. The answer is within a time capsule set to be opened when we give up this story and just accept that we made it up and it stuck because we had nothing else. But you can Google it and you’ll get two results. The first will be this band. The second will be Belgian rectal cream. True story.

Where is Imbium? 

Ask Wally. He’s in Worthing, Brighton or Southampton.

When did Imbium form?

In Year 11 when we thought to ourselves “How do you get girls? ‘Cause Chemistry and Maths aren’t really working?” and we heard that being in a band could help. So we picked up some instruments, learnt every Green Day and Blink-182 song and went at it. Turns out, it was all a lie.

How did you meet? 

Do you know Chat Roulette?

Why is Imbium a band? 

To express our feelings, musically and lyrically in a manner that will captivate the audiences. Usually by the method of bad jokes, bad clothes and bad hair cuts.

Are you guys excited to play with Asylums? 

YES! We are very excited and thrilled to joining them on the bill. Their Facebook photo was them in Simpsons form so I know we’ll get on well. That’s our specialist pub quiz category.

What can we expect for the new year? 

I’ll probably be on the water by 8pm, passed out by 10pm and then miss the countdown. Eventually I’ll wake up to find a new Imbium single and potentially a music video to fit. A tour courtesy of Close Up Promotions will follow, sending us to every corner of the south. Our attempt to taste every single beer in the country will also continue.

Where can we find your bangers? 

With the mash

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