Out of absolutely nowhere, the band HAARM, who are from Liverpool, reared their head. In a completely fantastic turn for music, the band came equipped with two rather fantastic songs. Their first single, ‘Foxglove’, was something certainly out of the ordinary with regards to what the Liverpool music scene often exports. Their second single, ‘In The Wild’, came with more of a punch, and a beautifully filmed black and white video.

The band have now announced that they will be supporting Bloc Party, for their three dates in February. They will be playing Manchester’s Albert Hall, and London’s Roundhouse. Which given the few gigs they have already done, is quite the accomplishment.

Get to know them, before they become a household name…

Who are HAARM? 

HAARM is Oliver Gorman, Jennifer Davies and Christopher McIntosh. When we play live shows we also have Dylan Gorman playing the Bass.

What is HAARM? 

HAARM is 3 people coming from 3 different musical backgrounds coming together to make music like none of us have made before.

Where is HAARM? 

HAARM belongs in your heart.

When did HAARM form? 

HAARM as an idea has been floating around since 2013.

How did you meet? 

Jennifer met Chris in 2009 at FestEVOL. Christopher met Oliver in 2013 because Oliver drummed on Christopher’s album. Oliver met Jennifer in 2014 when Oliver played Bass for Jennifer’s live show. Now we’re all great mates.

Why are HAARM a band? 

HAARM are a band because Jennifer suggested to Chris that they write some songs together after drinking several Tequilas.

How have the first couple of live shows gone? 

So far, so good. We played Liverpool Music Week in November and it was our first proper show. We were nervous but we loved it and it’s given us a real hunger to play more shows. We really want to record and tour more than anything in the universe.

Bloc Party, how insane is that? 

We’re still in shock because we very much love Bloc Party and we very much love the venues (Roundhouse in London and Albert Hall in Manchester) so we’re really looking forward to it.

Are you excited (of course you’re excited)?

Yes, of course we’re excited.

Where can we find your music? 

You can find us on Spotify and Youtube and Soundcloud! We recently made a video with a great director called James Slater, so it would be worth going to look at that! It’s called In The Wild.

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