Manalishi are a band with attitude in abundance; you can hear it in their music and see it in their shows. The gritty sound of their music has a really deep earthy feel to it like it’s ready to battle through anything. Heavy drumming and over the top guitar riffs create the spine to what is a truly powerful sound that you’ll feel shake the room when played with the right attention it requires.

Who are Manalishi?
Manalishi are a guttural plethora of raw energy, F*** you attitude, and scruffy hair, consisting of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dominic Strett, lead guitarist Thomas Ryder, bassist Josh Urpi, and drummer Charlie Gough; who concentrate on their music leaving your ears ringing, and a persistent scratchy feeling in the back of your throat.

What are Manalishi?
A crunching fusion of grungey, noisy, alternative rock; and a disillusion for the conventional. They merge captivating melodies with a rib-punching wall of sound and melancholic chords, complete with unpolished, squealing guitars, and the disgusting scars to prove it.

Where are Manalishi?
In your brain, in your blood, on your skin.

When did Manalishi form?
Including lineup changes, late 2016.

How did you meet?
Dom, Josh and Tom met in a pub in Manchester and bonded over a fondness for Led Zeppelin, a boredom of society, and the general urge to be in a band and make music; and so began jamming and writing together, trying out drummers until they recruited their last drummer, Lorcan, in late 2016.

However, in 2017, Lorcan left due to a change in life direction, and Charlie was then introduced through Dom as they were friends from school, and had already previously played together.

Finding an instant connection both musically and personally, Charlie fit the bill from day one, and the music was gelled together into what forms the Manalishi sound and lineup today.

Why are Manalishi?
After several attempts of answering that question, there’s nothing that isn’t cringe-worthy and makes my skin crawl.

“Coz we wanna change the world, man xxox”

Will that do?

Explain your live show:
An intense, temperamental show for the purpose of playing LIVE, embracing the authenticity and grit; thriving from the buzz a room of sweaty, open-minded people creates.

What can we expect from 2018?
Manalishi’s debut EP will be released in late Spring 2018, followed by a tour of England and North Europe with they’re good friends Shallow Waters in Summer 2018.

Manalishi’s gigs from March until Summer 2018 can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (links below); including a headline show at The Peer Hat in Manchester on 7th July.

Where can we find your music?

Writen by: Stuart Daley