Mahatma Raindrop are one of the stand out bands in Huddersfield’s music circuit which is rapidly growing with potential. The 4-piece indie band are experienced around the city’s venues and their experience translates into their music, both live and recorded. Their EP title track ‘Geometric Skies’ is sure to take them from within Huddersfield’s confines to the endless possibilities that await them.

Who are Mahatma Raindrop?
Sam, Josh, Jonny and Luke. Your new best mates.

What are Mahatma Raindrop?
A sort of self help group for a bunch of musicians with an unhealthy range of taste from Rush to Cher and a mild addiction for exposing ourselves in front of crowds… In a musical sense of course.

Where are Mahatma Raindrop?
Scattered across the north of England like a really disorganised bunch of travellers.

When did Mahatma Raindrop form?
When our dear sweet Samwise walked into our lives and made us whole.

How did you meet?
By hanging around the wrong-uns for a bit too long

Why are Mahatma Raindrop a band?
There is no why, it’s a deep set instinctual urge that we all share (see question 2)

Explain your live show:
Loud and raucous, slow and sensual, energetic yet calm, experienced but raw + various other opposing adjectives

What can we expect from 2018?
365 and 1/4 calendar days

Where can we find your music?

Written by: Stuart Daley