There’s something a little different about the music scene in Liverpool; while the rest of the UK is getting wrapped up in rock n roll Ladies are putting their own unique spin on iconic Merseybeat sounds from years gone by. Ladies posses something special that a lot of bands can’t achieve, a pure and simple talent for creating music. If you’re fed up of the boring, humdrum beats of every stereotypical indie band around the nation then take a breath of fresh air with the upbeat, catchy sounds of Ladies.

Who are Ladies?
We’re an alternative rock group with 60’s garage, Merseybeat and new wave influences. None of that really matters though.

What are Ladies?
We’re a three piece band. Chas (lead vocals/guitar), Branchy (bass/backing vocals) & Mitia (drums/backing vocals).

Where are Ladies?
Ladies are in Liverpool bringing everyone back down to the sound of real music and away from the psych avant garde shit.

When did Ladies form?

How did you meet?
We all went to school in the same area and after college none of us really had any plans so we started to play together. After that it’s death or glory really.

Why are Ladies?
It’s been so long since we got together It’s hard to remember. When we’re all in a room together making music or on stage it just seems right. Life’s all about doing what feels right.

Explain your live show:
Just play the tunes and play them well. Have a bit of fun and make sure everyone leaves feeling better than they did before.

What can we expect from 2018?
We’re recording our third single ‘Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Lose’ with Ocean Waves Productions and Steve Powell (Echo and the Bunnymen, Cast, The Coral, The Stairs). Then we’re playing all over England with an exclusive date in Scotland at Eden Festival in June.

Where can we find your music?

Spotify –

Written by: Stuart Daley