New York Tourists are a 4 piece indie pop band bringing their energetic live performances to their adoring fans. With strong influences from Foals, New York Tourists stamp their own identity onto the iconic sound produced produced by the Oxford band.

New York Tourists posses a catalogue of incredible songs which they are constantly building on. ‘Feels So Good’ showcases the talent Gary Taylor has on vocals; seamlessly blending his vocals with his falsetto tones. You will be seeing more of New York Tourists soon.

Who are New York Tourists?
Gary Taylor – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Carl Rutherford – Guitar
Joe Mooney – Drums
Adrian McKenzie – Bass

What are New York Tourists?
Best way to describe us is a 4 piece Indie pop outfit, there are all sorts of influences thrown in there.. We make good music that people dance & sing to. If people don’t dance or sing to your music then you’re probably shit.

Where are New York Tourists?
We’re based in Blackburn/Manchester, you could possibly say we’re part of the traveller community, minus the horses and Dags. Do you like Dags? We can categorically say that we aren’t in New York anyway.

When did New York Tourists form?
We formed late 2009, so we’ve been at it quite a long time now. Most bands don’t make it a few years without ripping each other’s throats out, but we’re pretty thick skinned and take the rough with the smooth. It’s been an eventful, enjoyable, bumpy, loveable ride.

How did you meet?
Are you ready for Harry Potter: Volume 8? This could take a while. *takes deep breath…Ace Ventura style* Carl and our old drummer are cousins so funnily enough they knew each other and carl had a friend who played guitar who had a friend that played bass so they formed the band that rose from the ashes of another band but they had no singer so they went on the musician version of tinder and swiped whichever way you swipe to find Gary who came in and sang molly’s chambers by kings of Leon and nailed it then they decided he should sing in the band but Gary didn’t like just singing so he wanted to play guitar but ended up playing bass then the bassist left so Gary moved on to guitar and the guitarist moved on to bass but then the bass player left and we found a new bass player (Adrian) who brought a new dimension to the band then the drummer left so we went back on to the musician version of tinder and swiped the correct way to add Joe to the band who also added a new dimension and Voila the band has finally settled in and things have been amazing ever since. THE END *gasps for air*

Explain your live show:
When you come and see NYT live you get 100% passion, energy, performance and love thrown into our show, we are unbelievably thankful to our fans for coming along to our shows and making it a mental experience.

What can we expect from 2017?
We have an exciting 2017 lined up, summer was full of festivals which is our favourite thing ever. And now we have more end of summer festivals lined up playing alongside some massive bands, a brand new release coming up in October which is by far the best song & Video combo we’ve had the pleasure of being involved in. and hopefully a few tour support slots at the end of the year which I cannot disclose just yet because I’m a very important man. 😉

Where can we find your music?
Spotify is king, so please follow & share our music to your hearts content, but you can purchase all things NYT at

Words and Photo: Stuart Daley